About Us

Tim Talan (Owner/Operator/CEO)

40 years, 4 boys and far too many floors ago owner/operator Tim Talan began his floor story, just a boy helping his father.Born the son of Croatian/Belgian immigrants seeking asylum from communism following the war, Tim grew up with a strong appreciation for hard work and it showed through his commitment to the family flooring business.

As a child of the 70’s he helped his father Charlie manually haul the buckets of black wastewater from the steam machines they used to clean shag carpeting with. Carpet cleaning evolved into sales and the first Talan family flooring business was born in the form of AAA Floors. Business grew and trends changed, the era of wall to wall carpeting had finally come to a grinding halt and hardwood floors were all the rage.

For nearly a decade following high school Tim built up his experience working for the family flooring store and learning every aspect of the business. From sales to leading installs and training new employees, he quickly became a pivotal member of the business.

It was the 80’s, business was booming everywhere, so much so that Tim began to take on more projects independent of the family store. While his father’s store focused on all types of floor coverings, Tim began to specialize in site finishing custom floors for clients throughout Los Angeles.

With the support of his wife Renee, Traditional Floors was formed in 1987 with a focus on custom hardwood flooring applications. Fast Forward 30+ years, 4 sons and thousands of projects under his belt, Tim still runs Traditional floors with the same hands-on approach that has always earned clients respect. Quality doesn’t cost, it pays.


Trevor Talan (Operation Supervisor)

Next generation floor craftsman. Much like his father, Trevor has for worked for the family business since childhood. Growing up in a family run construction business, Trevor’s childhood became the apprentice program for a lifelong set of skills.

Following High School Trevor focused on schooling, earning a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from California State University, Northridge. During and following those college years Trevor worked for a major clothing retailer (Urban Outfitter’s) as a merchandising display construction coordinator. Building on his childhood construction experience Trevor grew within the company and worked on an extensive array creatively challenging projects from store openings to brand launch collaborations.

With a renewed appreciation for the construction world he grew up in and a growing distaste for the corporate one, Trevor re-joined the family business with a focus on the future of the craft. Blending old world passion and new technologies, he keeps pushing the business in new directions. Incorporating cleaner and more efficient equipment into the program , Trevor pushes for an ever-evolving jobsite.

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