Top 10 Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring: Top 10 Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

Whether you are building a home or renovating your commercial or residential space, hardwood flooring is an excellent option for almost any room in your home or business premises.

In this post, experts at Traditional Flooring divulge top reasons why you should choose hardwood flooring over other flooring types on the market. Let us dive in.

Table of Contents:

1. Highly Durable

Frustrated with flooring options that demand replacement every few years? If so, you will appreciate the incredible durability of hardwood flooring.

Superior quality wood can stand up to heavy foot traffic and active work/living spaces, lasting for generations without significant damage.

Although hardwood flooring is susceptible to scratches (if you are really hard on it), it is easy to repair the scratches with some polyurethane coating and make it look good as new.

However, the durability factor comes at an extra upfront cost. But thinking about the long-term costs, wood floors help save on maintenance and repair costs. Still, you don’t need to replace the floor for decades, making it a cost-effective flooring option.

2. High-Quality Appearance

Wood floors add some classic look and warmth to your home, a quality that stone and tile floors lack.

Timber’s natural beauty comes in all kinds of grains, shades, and swirls that add character to your home. Still, hardwood floor complements every aspect of your interior décor.
Wood floors are also popular for their ability to provide the illusion of larger spaces in homes.

3. Ageless Appeal

One of the most important yet often overlooked hardwood flooring advantages is the timeless appeal.

Tile, linoleum, and carpet colors and patterns become obsolete fast. Still, many other flooring options begin to look tired and worn with time. Consider also, carpets lose their luster with wear and tear and stubborn stains. Hardwood saves you from these frustrations.

Hardwood’s appeal has lasted for centuries, and you can rest easy knowing that the trend will still be relevant many decades to come. And even if the floor starts to look tired after years of service, sanding and sealing it will instantly revive its elegance.

4. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Another reason to choose hardwood flooring is the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

You can simply sweep, vacuum, wipe, or steam vacuum wood floor to remove any dirt. Compare this with cleaning a carpet- you need a range of different cleaning products, besides spending energy and time on your knees and hands, scrubbing to remove stains.

With hardwood, you also get the peace of mind that you do not have to clean your floor very often to prevent environmental hazards like pet dander or dust mites. This saves you money and discomfort.

Thanks to the simplicity of cleaning hardwood floors, unpleasant odors from pets and spilled liquids cease to be an issue for pet owners.

5. Versatile

Hardwood flooring works well with virtually any space. You can install solid hardwood in the kitchen, living area, and office. Engineered wood flooring, a more water-resistant option, is a good choice for basements and bathrooms.

Also, hardwood floors are available in a variety of styles, species, and colors. You can also choose between unfinished and pre-finished timber floors.

Hardwood flooring’s versatility also manifests in its ability to look good in virtually all interior design themes in your home. Whether you want to upgrade your wall art, furniture, or mirrors, rest assured that hardwood will always fit your desired theme.

hardwood floor

6. Enhances Home Resale Value

Suppose you want to sell your home instead of passing it to your children and grandchildren. Because of its durability and low maintenance, hardwood flooring enables a faster sale and attracts higher prices.

National Wood Flooring Association survey revealed that homes with hardwood floors sell quickly and for up to 10% more money than their counterparts without wood floors.

A used carpet will likely bear stains and allergens, which is why most home buyers budget for new carpets. However, the same individuals are willing to pay more for a house with hardwood floors because it saves them the health, maintenance, and cost concerns associated with carpet flooring.

7. Better Indoor Air Quality

Carpets harbor animal hair, dust, mites, and other allergens in their fibers. Still, grout line and embossing between tile and linoleum floors often trap dirt and grime.

But hardwood does not trap air pollutants, helping keep indoor air in your home cleaner and more breathable. This is especially helpful to people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

8. You Can Refinish the Floor

If you want to change the color of your timber floor and the overall look of your home without breaking the bank, all you need to do is refinish the floor.

You can refinish a hardwood floor five to seven times before replacing it, extending its lifespan to over 100 years. Additionally, refinishing a hardwood floor is substantially cheaper than purchasing and installing new flooring.

9. Superior Acoustic Properties

Acoustic flooring is critical to preventing sound transmission from floor to floor and room to room and improving sound quality within rooms.

Hardwood ranks among the best choices for acoustic flooring. If you like your silence, the floor excels in absorbing sound. For music enthusiasts who appreciate reverberation, timber flooring offers great echoes.

10. Environmentally friendly

If you are an environmental conservation enthusiast, hardwood is the eco-friendliest option you can pick.

Even though it is unlikely you will want to remove your timber flooring, if you do, you can put the old wood to another use instead of it staying in a landfill for years.

The Bottom Line

There you have them: the top reasons to choose hardwood flooring. You may incur a substantially higher initial investment when buying timber flooring, but the benefits last decades.

If you want to learn more about hardwood flooring options, please contact wood flooring specialists at Traditional Floors. We are a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience offering original, top-quality hardwood floors to homeowners and property owners in Newbury Park and surrounding communities.

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