Re-Polyurethane Coating

Polyeurethane Coated Hardwood Floor

Proper cleaning and maintenance are the top two factors to prolonging the life of your hardwood floor. While many clients practice good daily floor cleaning habits, normal foot traffic still leaves behind residual debris and bacteria that most homeowners never reach. A periodic maintenance polyurethane re-coating provides a quick approach to deep cleaning and protecting your hardwood floor for years to come.

We start by vacuuming the floor free of any loose debris/dust and taping off all adjoining surfaces. Then we apply a professional grade floor cleaner with a buffing/polishing machine to remove impurities from the existing top layer. After dry we clean again to remove all excess dirt and prepare for a light abrasion of the entire surface. One more cleaning cycle and the surface is ready for application of the new coating.

Fast Turnaround. Using Low VOC two-component water-based finishes we achieve a quick drying schedule and get the client back in the home next day in most cases. We also offer furniture moving services and consultation on large item logistics (pianos, pool table, specialty furniture/art). Call today and schedule your next maintenance.