Hardwood Floor Repairs

As second and third generation floor mechanics, we know how to diagnose and determine the best solution to most hardwood floor problems. Appliance guys scratch a board putting the new fridge back into place?Discoloration and warping near a water source? These and many other situations like it may only require topical treatments to restore the look of the floor in a cost-effective way. When the problem goes deeper than the surface we carefully select the appropriate boards for extraction and replace them with like materials. Call us today and we’ll help troubleshoot towards a solution for your hardwood floor repair.




How do I maintain my hardwood floor? The number one question from clients and often the most neglected process throughout the floor’s lifespan. Beyond the daily maintenance of dusting and damp-mopping, it is important to upkeep with a maintenance polyurethane coating every 3-5 years . This one day process first starts with a light abrading of the surface to remove impurities and create a mechanical bond for the new coating. Next we vacuum/tack rag clean the workspace and any surrounding areas to free the surface of dust/debris. A new coating is then applied to the prepared surface creating a fresh appearance and removing scuffing/light surface scratches.