Waxing/Oiling Hardwood Floors

With a proper cleaning and maintenance schedule, non-film finishes provide the ultimate system for your hardwood floor.

Many clients are familiar with waxing floors because it was the industry standard up until the invention of polymer finishes in the 1950’s. Unlike the paste wax of the atomic age, todays synthetic hybrid hardwax and oil finishes provide long lasting protective capabilities and require far less maintenance.

The unique look and creative colorways associated with many top brands of hardwax oil are popular with many manufacturers of prefinished flooring products.Now with these new types of finishing systems hitting the U.S. market, many homeowners are unsure how to care and uphold their look.


waxing and oiling

Much like the maintenance of a regular film coating, a hardwax or oil finish requires regular vacuuming and cleaning with the appropriate product specified by the manufacturer. Once the floor is thoroughly cleaned, we use a buffer to burnish another layer of product into the surface. Once dry we apply a clean terry cloth to the machine head and buff off any excess product.

Many of todays leading hardwax and oil finish systems yield 2+ years of livability between maintenance with some surpassing that depending on the amount of foot traffic. This is fast becoming a choice for many homeowners because repairing scratches, imperfections and blending color is far easier with this system versus a traditional film finish. Reach out to our team today and schedule your hardwax or oil finish maintenance.