Sanding and Refinishing



Don’t replace, Refinish! Time after time we are approached by clients who were told by a floor store, another flooring contractor or restoration company that their hardwood floor needs replacement. Often this is a ploy to replace a floor that could potentially be saved. Utilizing our precision sanding process and industry leading dustless sanding equipment, we seek to rejuvenate the beauty of the floor that lies underneath. Looking to change up the color or texture or the floor? We specialize in custom finishing techniques and continue to educate ourselves in the leading products/processes in the industry. No color is too challenging! While our main goal is to restore the floor to a fresh flat surface, we are passionate about creating new energy in an existing space.

Service is a priority when it comes to refinishing your hardwood floor. Protecting and maintaining a livable level within the space allows most of our clients to live in the home throughout much of the project. With our careful use of dust collectors, air purifiers and plastic barriers/coverings we can meet any comfort level your environment requires.


Commercial/Public Space

Have a commercial or public space with a hardwood surface covering? We understand the complexities involved with coordinating a successful and efficient plan for restoring publicly shared space. Let us help consult with your maintenance team to choose an environmentally friendly low VOC floor coating that will stand up to high traffic demands. More importantly we will help design a maintenance plan to ensure the longevity of your investment. With experience working in restaurants, sports arenas and institutional/government facilities, let us help find the solution to your commercial hardwood project.



Reach out to our experts to see how we can assist in the finishing of your wood project. Have a deck/dock installed recently but unsure how to protect it? With extensive experience in finishing on a variety of wood surfaces we assist in prepping and protecting your wood surface for many years.