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Bespoke Hardwood Floors For Your Beautiful Home

At Traditional Floors, our work and craftsmanship is more than just hardwood floors-it’s your home.

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That’s why we use our five generations of hardwood flooring experience combined, quality materials, and the finest in tools and equipment to give your house classic floors that endure the test of time.

Since 1979, our family-owned and operated flooring contractor business has flourished–because quality speaks for itself. We work with fine woods such has hickory, walnut, oak, and more on custom hardwood flooring projects that increase your home’s value and your family’s quality of life and living. With our handiwork and skill, your hardwood floors are in good hands.


Premium Flooring Services

Did you know Traditional Floors offers more than just new hardwood floor installs? We’re proud to consider ourselves a full-service flooring company by providing maintenance and repair that keeps your hardwood floors in tip-top shape throughout the years. With our first-rate equipment and expertise in the industry and contractor work, Traditional Floors is prepared to meet your flooring needs and exceed your dream hardwood floor goals. Read on to learn more about the premium flooring services available to our clients and residences in Southern California!


Solid & Custom Hardwood Flooring Installations:

At Traditional Floors, we work with any fine wood species of your choice to produce results that effortlessly transcend both style and function. With true craftsmanship and savvy building at the forefront of each custom flooring project, we promise new hardwood floors that are more than just beautiful and breathtaking. Our tried and true approach ensures practical hardwood floors that are solid and require less upkeep for years of use and enjoyment by you and your family.

Hand-Distressed Hardwood Floors:

Does your home incorporate a more rustic aesthetic? Traditional Floors offers classic craftsmanship with a touch of authenticity for hardwood floors that reflect the character and personality of your family and overall home. Whether you’re considering watermill, hit or miss, footworn, or hand-scraped edges when it comes to your hand-distressed hardwood floors, our team utilizes the tools and handiwork necessary to achieve the desired custom results.

Wire-Brushed Hardwood Floors:

If you’re looking for hardwood floors that give your living space a gently weathered, rustic look without compromising a smooth, glossy finish, wire-brushed hardwood floors are the flooring solution for you. The process involves using a hard-bristled brush to scrape wood planks to reveal the soft grain. Not only does the technique hide dirt and scratches well, it is also more durable in areas that experience higher foot traffic–such as a foyer or kitchen.

Parquet & Patterned Flooring:

Get decorative with parquet or patterned flooring that incorporates geometric shapes and 3D elements. Besides their visual and retro appeal, parquet and patterned hardwood floors are actually easier to install than hardwood planks. Additionally, modern parquet tiles are made from solid wood rather than engineered with veneer layers. For classic craftsmanship with a contemporary touch, ask us about the endless possibilities available for designing and installing quality wooden tiles into your flooring–we even have the tools to create unique and custom wooden medallions!

Insurance Work:

When you work with Traditional Floors, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve hired flooring contractors that are licensed and insured. As an additional benefit to our valued clients, we also provide services to insure your hardwood floors, protecting them from possible floods, fires, or other natural disasters common for Southern California homes and families. Ask us about the insurance services we offer in conjunction with our quality construction and builds!

Restoration & Repairs:

Perhaps you already have hardwood floors installed in your home, but they need to be fixed and/or brought to their original luster. At Traditional Floors, we offer quality restoration and repair services to ensure your home has beautiful hardwood floors for the years to come–whether we originally installed them or not.


Opting for quality hardwood flooring increases the value and overall appeal of your home. That’s why the Traditional Floors team offers quality and comprehensive refinishing services. Refinishing your hardwood floors is an involved process that involves cleaning, sanding, staining, and sealing the hardwood planks that are already installed throughout your home after removing the existing floor. Choose craftsmanship that lasts for generations to come.

Floor Maintenance

Increase the longevity of your hardwood floors by taking good care of them. The Traditional Floors family gives your hardwood floors the Tender, Love, and Care they need to revitalize appearance and ensure durability. We recommend the following methods for hardwood floors that are proven to last.

Floor Cleaning & Care:

Even though there are a lot of floor care products on the market that claim to be the proper solution for your hardwood floors, all of us at Traditional Floors recommend a basic cleaning solvent of vinegar and water–or even a little bit of windex and water. Either of these mixtures work the best when it comes to cleaning and degreasing your floors. These days, many off-the-shelf floor care products incorporate oils that are detrimental to your hardwood floors, especially when it comes time to recoat them.

Floor Recoating:

At Traditional Floors, we recommend having your hardwood floors recoated every 4 to 6 years, depending on the amount of foot traffic your flooring space receives. If your floors in the kitchen and family room receive more traffic due to regular entertainment, you might want to consider recoating more often. This will keep the color intact, ensuring your floors look fresh and not worn.


Hardwood Floors In The Best Hands Maintenance

For over five generations and 40 years in the United States in particular, Traditional Floors has thrived in providing quality, bespoke hardwood floors that strive for excellence in design and function. Our classic approach combined with modern tools and equipment ensure beautiful and thorough flooring contractor work that speaks for itself. To see more of our designs or talk to us about your custom flooring project, contact us directly at 805.469.7622.